My trip to Ilha Grande

At 11 a.m. I took a bus from the Rodoviaria in Rio to Angra dos Reis. A bit cheaper and faster I would have got there if I would have taken a minibus that leaves every 20 minutes in front of the Rodoviaria - I took it then on my way back.

Angra is a small town with a lot of shops. Here you get everything much closer together than in Rio. (On my way back I bought Garoupa, the fish that you find on the 100 Real bill.)

The boat left Angra at 3:30 p.m. and took about two hours to get to the island. I felt that I would like this trip when I was talking to Julio who turned out to know some friends of mine from years ago. 

Some travellers recommended a hostel and so I followed them to have a look. The hostel was crowded and everybody spoke English, and I wasn't sure if I really wanted such an environment. After checking out a few other Pousadas, where I would have been the only guest because it was off-season,

I decided to join the crowd again. The hostel offers good quality and is very proud on its breakfast buffet. I found the biggest value in the introductionary talk given by Toninho during the welcome drink. He showed lots of pictures, explained the history of the island and indicated possible hikes without any commercial interest. If you want you go everywhere on your own just walking.
The hostel is called Colibri Resort - Beija Flor because you can watch the colibris kissing a plastic flower just for some sugar water that they find in it.   
I decided to take a boat to the next bay and from walk there. 
On this island

don't "throw" anything exept pictures

don't leave anything exept ... I don't understand "pegada"

don't kill anything exept the time 

I took the short walk to the world famous beach Lopes Mendes from where I took a hand full of sand all the way to Switzerland.
I guess these people here must leave their "pegada" while listening to the sound of the waves.
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