with Reinhard

(Tease Sighte keept es oukh ouf  deutsch.)

I have started this page because I just wanted to show some pictures of my holiday apartment in Rio de Janeiro, but then I found that there are more things that I want to show:

Warning: Several persons I know have been robbed while visiting places, especially Copacabana. I can't tell of such an experience in Brazil so far. I have learned my lesson when I was robbed in Barcelona 15 years ago. Before travelling to Brazil you should surf the net for robbery and assault and develop your own strategy of avoiding that you become a victime. Some local people say that you should not try to be a hero if you are assaulted and give everything to save your life. So think about what you are taking with you. Other people say you should always have some money ready, e.g. a 50 Real note, that might help to buy you out of a dangerous situation.